Our family have been hop growers for generations in the High Weald of Kent and Sussex.    I am passionate about hops and love the whole hands on aspect of growing and caring for them throughout the year.

A Bushel of Hops was born during a particularly busy hop picking,  in one of those casually day-dreamy ‘wouldn’t it be lovely if…’ moments.    The seed germinated, gained momentum and has come to fruition.    To most people it seemed a ridiculous idea but to a tiny handful of people whose support and trust I had, this project blossomed, I am ever grateful for their belief in me.  To them a huge thank you.

So the dream – well it was simply to grow a small quantity of a selection of hop varieties including a few Heritage varieties, to dry them in a traditional oast house and make them available to the home brewer.

The concept of growing wonderful hops with their provenance to the High Weald, selling them directly to the home brewer so that they get a quality product as freshly as possible is my aim.