Contact us As we only offer the current seasons hops to the home brewer, 2016 hops are no longer available, therefore the shop is now closed until further notice. We will open again in October after 2017 hop harvest is completed.

Homebrew Hop Aroma Pack

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HomeBrew Hop Aroma Packs contain 25gm each of 8 hop varieties: Each individually vacuum packed:

  • Admiral
  • Bramling Cross
  • Cascade
  • Goldings
  • Pilgrim
  • Phoenix
  • Progress
  • Target

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HomeBrew Hop Aroma Packs contain 25gm each of 8 hop varieties, all individually vacuum packed – Admiral, Bramling Cross, Cascade, Goldings, Pilgrim, Phoenix, Progress and Target.

homebrew Hop aroma pack

Each pack comes with instructions how to ‘rub up’ your hops to get the best aroma from them and a list of the normally accepted aromas given for each variety.

Our Aroma Packs are ideal for your beer tasting get-togethers where they can be put into bowls for a blind aroma test, they could be used to experiment with combinations when dry hopping your next brew and even used to make a hop pillow for the insomniac!

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