2018 Hop Crop Update

2018 Hop Crop Update is Thumbs Down

2018 Hop crop update.  The hops did not like the extreme hot weather and dry conditions this year, nothing more to be said.

The old rhyme –    ’till St James’ day be done and gone, there may be hops there may be none’
has well and truly been proved correct this year. The long awaited rain finally arrived days after St James’ day and the hop crop is 2018 hop crop updatewell down this year. There is another old saying, here in Sussex anyway, ‘You can see them but they’re not there’! It may seem like silly Sussex logic, but again it has been proven true this year.

Same amount of work,  the same growing costs and identical harvest costs but generally 25-35% down on normal expected yields.  Probably this will be the story of the year for all UK growers.  We have drawn a line under this year and now we move forward. Goodbye to Hop harvest 2018!

So home brewers, more than ever, get your orders in early for any special hop varieties you want this year. Our shop will be open mid-October when I have completed the packaging into 100gm vacuum bags.

On a more upbeat note we have some exciting news to share later in the week!


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