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learning to string a hop garden


Mar 20

Learning to String a Hop Garden

Learning to string a hop garden is pretty straight forward once you learn the basic pattern and if you can...
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Colgate British heritage hop varieties


Oct 19

Colgate and other British Heritage Hop Varieties

Colgate is a British heritage hop variety dating from 1805.  It is one of the British heritage hop varieties I...
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are hops good for you


Jun 19

Are Hops Good For You ?

Are hops good for you? Well it would appear to be the case in several ways, some quite obscure.  ...
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What Do Hops Smell Like


Mar 19

What Do Hops Smell Like ?

“ What do hops smell like ?” A tricky question indeed, but I’ll try. It’s easiest to say what they’re...
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Mar 19

2019 Hops for Home Brewing

2019 hops for home brewing begin with stringing, getting it  in place ready for them to climb up in April. ...
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pilgrim hops how they grow and their characteristics


Feb 19

Pilgrim Hops, How They Grow and Their Characteristics

Pilgrim hops, how they grow and their characteristics, was the beginning and it started off innocently enough. As a small craft...
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Goldings hop variety for brewing


Jan 19

Goldings Hop Variety for Brewing

Goldings hop variety for brewing dates back to the late 1700’s when Mr Golding found a hop he thought was...
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Dec 18

Drying Hops is Where a Golden Alchemy Happens

Drying hops is where a golden alchemy happens. To be completely accurate hops are preserved, they are not dried right...
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Dec 18

Hop Garden to Beer Glass

A huge big thank you to everyone who has bought hops this year.  And to those who have taken the...
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British Hops Tea Towel


Nov 18

Beer Lover’s Gift Ideas for Christmas

Stuck for beer lover's gift ideas for Christmas.  We have our second run of the British Hops tea towels which...
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