2019 Hops for Home Brewing

2019 hops for home brewing begin with stringing, getting it  in place ready for them to climb up in April.  Hop stringing is like the first page of a new notebook.   Who knows what 2019 growing season will be like, all we know is it is ahead of us, it’s a clean sheet and as always it’s exciting.

First coir yarn is soaked, it stretches slightly when wet, imperceptible over a short length but over a long distance it is noticeable.  By putting it on wet it tightens as it dries but prevents stretching in situ during rain.  The weight of the hops as they mature and get heavy encourages this too.



Stringing is soothing to watch, there is a gentle rhythm to it.  It’s a knack and like riding a bicycle once learnt you never forget how to do it.  Up down, knit one purl one, always careful not to drop a stitch.

2019 hops for home brewing


So preparations for growing 2019 hops for home brewing begin with stringing and just like each hop season before it, there is pleasure had working with the seasons. there are never two  the same.  This portfolio of photos was last month in mild weather, 2018 by contrast was cold.  Next job banding-in.

2019 hops for home brewing

2019 hops for home brew begin