Beautiful but Sad

I have always loved old metal and always have to stop to take a picture if I have my camera with me-  the rustier the better – beautiful but sad to see once treasured sewing machines abandoned.

beautifulI have been given the two most extraordinary gifts this weeks and oddly both are original prototypes.   I feel humbled by the workmanship that has gone into the making of both of them and both relevant to the new website.    I will be posting about them later this month, watch this space…

Brilliant ‘Topsy Turvy’ Business Ethics

The first picking of the ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears’ beans .

Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean

The seed is from the Real seed Company. I admire their business ethos, as well as a seed company advising you why and how to save your own seed! To have a look at the story behind these seeds check out their website.

Hops in a Trug

Here are some of the first pieces of  my ‘hoppy’ fabric which have arrived hot off the Woven Monkey printer, so exciting to see them for real, it has been quite a journey.

1 greens with stripe in trug

I will have time to have a play now before hop picking starts.

red and mustard hop fabricsThey are in a sussex trug, these traditional baskets are not only beautiful but amazingly adaptable and strong.

Trug made by local craftsman Richard Bingham.

The Hop Farm in July

 ‘Till St. James’s Day be done and gone, There may be hops there may be none’  

This year has been incredibly dry yet again in the south east and the hops were showing signs of suffering.   On 24th July when we had the first good ground soaking rain fall, according to the old hop growing adage, that was perfect timing.   St James’s Day being on the 25th July this was an 11th hour reprieve.

aerial view of hop arden